REALASH eyelash enhancer - 3 ml

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Realash – Eyelash Enhancer – 3 ml


REALASH is an innovative enhancer whose mission is to fortify, increase density and lengthen your eyelashes.

The serum regenerates lashes in a very short time. Its formula has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested by specialists.

It is highly recommended by users and beauty bloggers.

REALASH will add volume and length to your lashes and enhance their overall appearance so they will look simply gorgeous!

Realash – Eyelash Enhancer – 3 ml





Gold medal - international fair 2015

Lash growth phase lasts approx. 30 days. It is too short a time for lashes to become long and thick.

REALASH advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them at the roots.

As a result lashes become long, healthier-looking and conditioned.

REALASH formula also prevents them from falling out.

The final results will be visible after 30 days, however, you will be able to see first positive changes within 14 days.

Your lashes will be stronger, healthier-looking and nourished.

After 21 days the results will be even more spectacular! A new you in more than 10 days!


Breakthrough eyelash enhancer

your lashes up to 83% longer and 79% fuller

effectiveness confirmed in tests

no side effects reported

REALASH is a serum dedicated to women who dream about long, strong and full eyelashes.

 It is especially recommended for lashes which are naturally short, weak or damaged by extensions, inappropriate cosmetics or false lashes.

REALASH formula has undergone rigorous clinical tests which confirmed that the active ingredients of the formula add length, density and help protect lashes from breakage and falling out.