LONG4LASHES Eyelash Enhancing SERUM

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LONG4LASHES Eyelash Enhancing SERUM



A uniquely effective serum developed using the most advanced achievements of cosmetology. The serum helps boost the appearance of eyelashes making them look longer, more voluminous and healthier, visibly improving their condition. Additionally, the serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and smoothes the lashes surface and provitamin B5 that improves the structure of the hair fibers, making them appear stronger, shinier and more flexible. Allantoin prevents irritation and redness and supports the regeneration process. 


"The product is safe for contact lens wearers and people who have undergone chemotherapy treatment. Remove contact lenses before application. The product can be applied on extended and thickened eyelashes, permanent make up and henna eyelashes."


 Remove all make up. Apply the serum with ona stroke using the brush-applicator one the clean, dry skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line. Apply every evening. Do not use inside of the eye and the lower lash line.


 Clear (milky) liquid. The texture is lightweight, smooth, absorbs quickly.PACKAGING

 The product is closed in a small, slim bottle that reminds me a bottle of liquid eyeliner. A silicone thin brush allows for precise application of the product. In the packaging you will find a leaflet containing all the necessary information. All packed in a nice, elegant-looking cardboard box.


 SIZE  0.1 fl. oz./3 ml